Author's Background!

Welcome! Lisa Deslina is a woman born in Jakarta in 1993. Her hobby is analyzing things like detective Conan when she is curious. Lisa likes to learn new cooking recipes but prefers to eat ready-made food. The author of this storytelling writes an article topic according to what she has tried and felt firsthand about other complicated things in her life.

Lisa didn't realize that her writing talent had grown since the 3rd grade of elementary school when she was studying in Jakarta. Writing in Lisa's diary, she did it until she was an adult, then burned it and moved to bloggers and online mass media. The hope is that more people will read it so that it is no longer just herself who feels curious and happy.

Lisa created an account on blogger in 2013 while working as an administrator at a property developer company in Jakarta. At that time it only contained poetry, then she wrote on idntimes.com and then returned to writing on her blog. Until now she is still learning to develop her blog, which started in 2018 until now, she has used the paid domain deslinalisa.com

"Sharing stories about life experiences on blogs is like my antibody if there are important things that are not written down, it feels awkward in my heart. Hopefully, the information on this blog can be useful for you readers," explained Lisa.

Lisa juga verified writer di IDN Times sudah 40 artikel lebih yang berhasil publish, silahkan mampir dan baca-baca idntimes.com/lisa-deslina

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