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The Reason Why I Like BTS This Year, 2021?

Of course, because they are cool, talented, and mysterious. Some of their songs are in English so it's easier for me to understand than full Korean songs.

I know writing about BTS is scary, a lot of my friends say...

"Please don't idolize BTS, their fandom is terrible"

maybe because they are a world-famous KPOP group. And many characters of people who like it. I said "yes, I'll be careful"

I also feel the horror of their fanatical fans, so if there is news I just read it and don't sink to write my opinion openly. That's probably safer.

After a year of hiatus, I don't care about KPOP groups and spend more time watching dozens of K-DRAMA & movies titles. In November, I listened to BTS' song "permission to dance" which made me excited to move on with life which was getting harder. As my age increases, the burden of life is also harder. This pandemic has really made me overthink. I cried a lot this year. Unstoppable sadness towards the end of this year.

I've known BTS since the era of the song "fake love." I like this song because of its powerful lyrics and dance. But I don't idolize them like now. I started listening to their songs from the beginning of their debut until now. It's a very different genre, isn't it? The song used to be like a spooky punk kid. Maybe in that era again the trend of songs with black eyeliner on the eyes?

I like BTS's V song which is "winter bear" a song about someone who is secretly in love which makes it hard to sleep well.

Then I just realized that BTS's V was singing for the drama Itaewon Class that I had watched. The title is "Sweet Night" the sound and lyrics of the song are very touching. My tears fall every time I hear it before I go to sleep. The lyrics are about are we just friends or could it be more? Of course, this V song is also about someone having trouble sleeping because of a lot of thoughts.

You will imagine the pain of Park Saeroyi's character every night. Where in the drama he was left by his father while planning a new life. After being expelled from school and forced to admit mistakes he didn't commit. Being in bustling Itaewon but you still feel lonely and claustrophobic every night. It took a very long time to be successful. And his first love doubted him. Can you feel it?

According to the interview, V wrote this song personally, because he found it difficult to sleep well and wanted a good night's sleep. Try to listen to the song.

I'm a fan of all the BTS members. Without all the members I definitely don't like BTS. But, there is one thing that caught my attention because he is weird from the other members he is V. It turned out that we were both born on December 30, just different years. The characters are almost the same where we can be cheerful and can be very quiet. There are so many articles that write "Why is V now quiet?"

The answer is yes because Capricorns have grown up and become less talkative with other people and more talkative to themselves. That's why it's hard to sleep well. Many things feel heavier with age. I'm feeling it. Moreover, he is a rising artist. There must be a lot of stress in his life right now. Until SUGA once said

" would be more honourable if we disband while we are famous than we disband because of scandal"

V, whose real name is Kim Tae-Hyung, has played in a drama titled Hwarang with Shinee's Minho and Park Seo-jun in 2016. Some articles say that many drama producers in Korea offer V to play their dramas. But V doesn't seem interested.

Now, V is mysterious and charismatic. Look back in 2015, when he was young it was very funny and weird when he was on VLIVE alone. I laughed, when he played a lip-sync game of guessing songs with ARMY, then J-hope and Jimin came into the room and said...

"Yha, what are you doing?" ask J-HOPE

"I often play guessing songs like this with Jong-kook" explained V with a laugh

Until Eric Nam chatted in the KakaoTalk group and asked "What are you doing" and sent a VLIVE screenshot of V's face. He's very funny even though it's weird hahaha. V always mentions his parents during VLIVE. Looks to be a filial son until now.

There is a significant difference between then and now. Many ARMY says V's behavior is like Mr. Bean and oh yeah that's right.

I prefer V just singing, writing songs because I wasn't ready to see him in a romantic scene with beautiful Korean artists hahaha. His face is handsome, but his voice is very good and unique. I like V's fashion style when he's on his off time, a very simple combination of brown, black, sometimes he wears a grey sweater.

V's change to quiet is very visible when you see it in In The Soop season 2, btw you can see it on Weverse, the content is paid. If you want to watch it for free, you can search on Telegram. Some ARMYs are sometimes kind enough to share them. So we can watch BTS members there.

This was the first time I idolized KPOP which made me want to continue my undergraduate studies to my master's degree. Saw some BTS members continuing their master's studies. Where in South Korea education is very important.

Sad and amazed to see BTS's success now. Until they are at the UN session to represent young people. This is an example of young, rich, accomplished from the bottom. Like slapping me, what did I do when I was young?

Whenever I idolize someone, I sometimes fear getting hurt. Afraid that what I idolized was wrong. I wish them a happy life, not getting involved in scandals. If they have a lover then that's okay, they are human too. I hope BTS always brings positive things to ARMY and the people of the world.

I know I'm not a fan of the sultan who always buys albums and their paid content. I'm not NUNA V. Where NUNA V always watches their concerts, and wherever BTS goes. I think I still have my world to fill and improve with people who care about me in real life. Money for me is about how I use it wisely. I can't be selfish to use it even if it's my money.

Yes, my life is not from privileged circles, my life is very hard. Therefore listening to BTS songs, seeing V, makes my life a little calmer than crying. Even though you know V's song is really sad, right. The main reason I like BTS is that I smile again and see life further, what should I do? Will my plan make me happy and can I help other people be happy too?

I feel alive again, after drowning in anxiety. I think the BTS members are the best healing place for me right now. Regardless of how true their character is that's their business. I just want to see them on my laptop screen. If given the opportunity to watch their concert at the VVIP bench, it would be a miracle for me. It was just my dream.

Sorry, this is my first article in English. I want to be fluent in English, so I try to write it. Sorry if it's messy, I hope you guys understand what I wrote.

💜 Lisa


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